HR Business Training

We are Human Resource EXPERTS focused on engaging content that energizes the conversation in the workplace.     

Benefits of our training programs

Our instructor's design courses to engage and educate your team with the company's policy in mind.

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Industry Experts

When you partner with Training Marbles, you gain industry experts that care about your team's success. Our customers appreciate our expertise, excellence in service, quality training, and cost-effective programs making Training Marbles the training provider of choice.

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Practical Approach

Our training is designed to provide the information needed to energize the conversation and ensure compliance. We take a practical approach to engage your team. Your team's success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training.

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Every HR Professional is juggling the changes in today's workplace. Our training gives you the flexibility for your team to complete training anywhere with any device.  Our courses include quizzes and certification for each student. HR can track progress and print certificates for the team.

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Our courses

Energize, engage & educate your team

Get Better HR Training for Your Team

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the explosion of digital platforms and channels? Are you tired of mediocre training that bores your team?

TMI Learning is the the fuel to success. We are EXPERTS focused on engaging content that energizes the conversation in the workplace.  Make TMI Learning your HR Partner for training.

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Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

"Great course! Thanks for all the information."


course: Employee Drug-Free Training

Derek O.
"This training session breaks down a complicated subject into an easy-to-understand format."


course: Employee Drug-Free Training
cheryl E.
"I found this to be very thorough and informative."

course: Supervisor Drug-Free Training