Marijuana Legalization's Impact on Your Drug-Free WorkPlace Policies

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Ohio voters have spoken, and recreational marijuana has been legalized. The law goes into effect on December 7th. Federal changes are more likely than ever before as recommendations from the FDA and HHS for the DEA to reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule III drug. The changes have sparked numerous questions regarding guidelines, needed changes in testing, and updates to identifying intoxication. 

Employers must take action to protect the workplace and ensure their policies are up to date and guidelines are crystal clear. Our four-part Masterclass is the answer. The team you trust with the answers you need. Seats are limited, so schedule today. 
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Legal Eagle

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this session will focus on your Drug-Free policy, understanding the law, policy language, and the requirements. 

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HR Talking Point

Employees are talking, and the buzz has started. Frontline supervisors need consistent language to ensure employees know that the company's policy.

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It's about Impairment

There’s never been a more important time to understand the signs and symptoms of impairment.

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Testing is KEY

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This is a complete review of drug testing guidelines and new technology available.

Update Your Policy

The laws in the state of Ohio specifically mention the employer's policy six times, which means you must have and update your policy with specific language to prevent, defend, and hold employees accountable for violating the policy.

Educate Your Staff

Educate your staff on your policy. They must understand you will continue to test, and the use of marijuana medicinally or recreationally is a violation of the policy. Be crystal clear about the consequences of use.

Supervisor Training

Supervisor training is critical as the eyes and ears in the workplace. They must know the rules, enforce the policy, and understand what impairment looks like.


Testing is the most effective deterrent to use. There is new technology available that every employer should be aware of. The question is how long do you want or need to detect use; 3 hrs. to 28 days?

Protect Your Company with our Masterclass


Marijuana Legalization is Upon Us!

Every employer must take steps to ensure Marijuana Legalization does not impact safety in the workplace and we’re behind you 100%. In fact, consider us your partner in protecting the workplace, and you are in great hands. 

Update the Drug-Free

Update the Drug-Free Policy to ensure the language is up to date and includes prohibited conduct, testing guidelines and consequences for violating the program.

Ensure Employee Education

Ensure Employee Education is updated. Focus on the dangers of use, impact on safety and Marijuana’s effects on the mind, body and the team.

Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training is critical to ensure their skills and abilities are updated and in the event of impairment they have the tools to ensure testing is completed and employees are held accountable. 

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Employee Assistance Plan

Reach out to local resources to ensure you have a mechanism to access treatment and counseling if an employee needs help or violates the policy.

Drug Testing

Drug Testing is the most effective way to deter use so, it’s critical to update testing elements, types of tests, and ensure your team knows you will continue to test. Increase Randoms for visibility purposes.

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You're in Great Hands

Dyann McDowell is the founder and President of Training Marbles, Inc. she is a recognized and respected leader and an expert in the Drug-Free Workplace. As a leader in the industry with more than twenty years of hands-on program administrator, training developer, and Human Resource consulting.

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