Workplace impairment is dangerous and costly. Is your organization prepared to identify and address this imminent threat? 

The Solution: Workplace Impairment Officer (WIO)

Workplace Fatalities Causes

Workplace Fatalities due to Drugs/Alcohol
In today's workplace, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is paramount. The prevalence of workplace impairment due to various factors poses a significant threat to organizational success, productivity, and most importantly, safety. 

 Workplace impairment is a foreseeable issue. Statistics show nearly half of workplace accidents are drug and/or alcohol related. What's worse is they result in 40% of workplace fatalities, creating a safety issue which can no longer be ignored. Yet only 5% of workplace drug tests are conducted for reasonable suspicion. 

Critical Gap
For Employers

There's a critical gap, and that gap is preventing employers from fulfilling their responsibility to ensure safety in the workplace as the top priority.  Empowering employers to fulfill this vital promise led to the creation of our most innovative and impactful training and certification program to date: the certified Workplace Impairment Officer (WIO). This certification program is meticulously crafted to equip a member of your team with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to detect, prevent, and manage workplace impairment effectively. The WIO training certification combines both online and in-person training in a hybrid program to offer flexibility while retaining critical in-person skill building. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a range of topics, including:
  • Identification and assessment of impairment risks.
  • Comprehensive review of the signs and symptoms of impairment.
  • Implementation of proactive steps to mitigate the risk. 
  • Training on effective intervention strategies.
  • Education of drugs and important state and federal laws regarding drugs in the workplace.
  • A thorough review of the testing requirements.
  • Our signature Take 5 process to confront the issue and take immediate action.

Balancing risk with safety.

As Marijuana legalization continues to evolve and federal and state requirements and guidelines continue to develop, it's more important than ever to have a systematic and robust framework designed to empower a member of your team with the tools necessary to address and mitigate the risks associated with workplace impairment. 
The legalization of marijuana has exposed that regardless of the cause, whether drug or alcohol, prescription medication, or lifestyle factors (fatigue, illness, etc.), employers do not have the tools to adequately address and resolve the problem. Too often, reasonable suspicion tests are conducted when impairment can no longer be ignored. This is a risk, and the WIO certification is designed to close the gap.  We've found that most organizations are aware of the issue of impairment but lack a systematic approach, the necessary process, and the authority and rigor needed to develop a program of their own. Our certification program provides a clear path to establish all of the above, with a trained employee dedicated to working with human resources and the leadership team to mitigate the risk and ensure the workplace is safe. Let there be no question: the Workplace Impairment Officer's priority is to help preserve and protect the workplace. 

The Solution

The Workplace Impairment Officer (WIO) training and certification program combines asynchronous learning and an intensive in-person training session in a hybrid program to offer flexibility while retaining critical in-person skills building. Through this combination of coursework and hands-on learning, the Workplace Impairment Officer will build the skills, processes, and protocols to identify and act upon incidents that involve impairment within the workforce. Participants can start the online coursework, and upon completion, they will select the in-person training that best fits their schedule from sessions held at regular intervals. Best of all, the program also includes ongoing skills-building and support through a private, certified WIO-only Facebook community. 

Why our program?

30+ Years of Experience

Our team has more than 30 years of collective experience as leaders in the Drug-Free Workplace industry, including program administration, program development, and enforcement with thousands of employers across multiple industries. We are HR Pros focused on mitigating risk and protecting the workplace. 

Perfectly Balanced

Workplace impairment is a policy violation, not a criminal act, and these lines should never be crossed. Our training uses the science of impairment as the foundation, with a balanced approach focused specifically on the workplace to ensure a perfect balance. Many are focused on the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training used by law enforcement. While this standard works well in criminal situations it is inappropiate for the workplace. 

Equip Employees

Also, while technology is helpful, human beings are the most reliable resource employers have to combat impairment in the workplace.  More often than not, another employee is aware of impairment in the workplace before management becomes aware. It is vital and sensible to equip employees to appropriately handle a situation that they have likely already encountered.

Ready to learn more? Watch Training Marbles founder Dyann McDowell share the vision for this crucial new certification program

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