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Navigating Marijuana Legalization: Implications for Workplace Safety and Compliance

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With the recent announcement of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s intention to reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule III drug in the Controlled Substance Act, there’s no time like the present to prioritize the impact this policy shift will have on your workplace. We believe this is much more than a legal update—it has the potential to change the way we manage drug testing, policies, and safety in the workplace. 

Marijuana is used even more than alcohol

A recent Washington Post article documented daily marijuana use now surpasses alcohol. As recently as 2021, alcohol use was more prevalent, and a bigger risk factor for workplace impairment. Rescheduling marijuana will continue to fuel its use. 

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HR interest in health and safety of employees

We know Human Resource leaders have an inherent interest in the health and safety of employees. In the day to day, however, many of the role’s responsibilities can limit daily interaction with the workforce. All too often the presence of impairment at work is more likely to be sensed and felt by those actively engaging in daily tasks. By the time HR learns about an incident, it’s been an issue for some time. 

Marijuana Concerns for HR Leaders

If you’re concerned and have questions, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve developed an informational webinar designed for Human Resource leaders. We’ll share our perspective on the recent developments, their potential impact on your workforce, and how you can lead your organization’s preparedness. 

Keep reading to learn more about the webinar, titled "Navigating Marijuana Legalization: Implications for Workplace Safety and Compliance

Our session will cover

Detailed Discussions

Detailed discussions on DEA’s rescheduling of marijuana and its impact on workplace safety.

Testing Recommendations

Testing recommendations for marijuana will include the Medical Review Officer (MRO) protocol and a conversation every employer needs to have with their MRO.

Updating Drug Policies

Best practices for updating your drug policies and conducting effective employee and supervisor training.

How it's a game-changer?

An overview of the Workplace Impairment Officer Certification and how it’s a game-changer in maintaining safety in the workplace.

Sensitive Vs Non-Safety

Safety sensitive vs. non-safety sensitive protocol.

Mark Your Calendars

Date and Time: August 22nd, 2024 (10-Noon ET)

Essential Webinar for Managers

This webinar is ideal for HR professionals, safety officers, compliance managers, and anyone involved in crafting or enforcing workplace safety policies. Our panel of experts will share insights and practical advice to help your organization navigate these changes with confidence. Training Marbles will help you stay ahead of the curve. 

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